Front Mounted Composite Weights

Composite weights for tractors are typically of a cast mineral composite construction, having greater density than concrete weights of comparable size. This means you get the weight you need from a smaller unit. Designed for use with the tractor’s front linkage they have a high quality smooth finish and can be specified in the same colour as your tractor.


This range of composite standard weights comes complete with Cat 2 front linkage mounting points and integrated front tow hitch. Weights available; 800, 1000, 1250, 1400, 1800 and 2000kg.



The Composite Drive-in Weight enables you to quickly and easily match the weight to the task at hand. Shedding or adding tractor weight in this way improves traction whilst saving fuel when weight is not required. The 800 or 1000kg base weight incorporates Cat 2 linkage points as standard and a female tapered slot on its underside to accept male tapered add-on weights of 400 or 600kg.


Here you will find further useful information on our Composite Weights product.

Data Leaflet

Download the leaflet for product dimensions


Lynx engineering -

Spotted at Stockton!! Take a look at this beauty we spotted on our travels up to Ripon Farm Services the other week. 6210R with all the Zuidberg bells and whistles, even a front remote control kit. Doesn’t look bad for 7 years old!  

Lynx engineering - @Lynxengineering

One happy customer - J B Barrett Tractors delivering a new Deutz Fahr 5125 complete with a matching Stoll FZ 20. The dealer applauded the Loader for its “excellent view positioning inside of the tractor cab”.