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Tailor-made tracks suit John Deere user down to the ground

June 2013

Tailor-made tracks for the John Deere 7R SeriesLynx Engineering has assembled and delivered the first John Deere 7R Series tractor to be fitted with a rubber tracks system. The sole UK distributor for Zuidberg Westtrack, Lynx Engineering fitted the tracks to the John Deere 7280R tractor for a major growers' co-operative which grows more than 4,700 hectares of salad and vegetable crops in the UK plus over 1,900 hectares in Spain and is one of Europe's largest producers of lettuce. The company also grows wheat and some 800 hectares of maize.

Supplied in March this year and in the field for an average of twelve hours per day, the tractor has already got through the equivalent of six months' work as part of an intensive regime that includes cultivations, drilling and muck-spreading as well as lettuce planting applications.

"This is the second John Deere tractor we have fitted with Zuidberg tracks for the same client," said Lynx Engineering Managing Director, Nick Ewbank. "The first, a John Deere 6930R, was supplied in December last year. It has been working solely on lettuce from March and will continue to work every day throughout the planting season until the end of September.

"Lettuce needs to be planted in fine soil and on good, even ground if it is to grow and thrive. It is also essential that the grower is able to plant at the right time of the year without damaging the soil structure. The reduced ground pressure exerted by the Zuidberg Westtrack system over surfaces with a lower-load bearing capacity is of major benefit not only to salad and vegetable producers, but also to cereals growers. Zuidberg triangular rubber tracks apply up to 75% less ground pressure than machines using standard pneumatic tyres. This means that the soil structure remains fully intact with little or no compaction to inhibit plant growth. In many cases, the tracks enable farmers to get onto their fields earlier in the year and to work them for longer, thus extending the working season. The product really can contribute to yield improvement, both in terms of quantity and quality."

"Zuidberg tracks are not limited to use on larger wheeled tractors," adds Nick Ewbank. "Self-propelled harvesters and other machines can be relatively easily transformed into powerful, versatile tracked vehicles capable of working even in the most challenging conditions. Across any type of surface, wet or dry, flat or undulating, tracks can eliminate costly downtime and increase productivity."

Improved grip and traction is claimed to be another key feature of the system. "The rubber tracks can increase the towing or load bearing capacity of the tractor because they have a much greater contact surface on the ground compared with conventional pneumatic tyres. Up to four times as many grooves are active on the ground at any time, even when negotiating bends. The tracks are also self-cleaning, which means they don't clog-up and traction isn't compromised."

The Zuidberg Westtrack system is designed to be easily interchangeable. The process of removing the standard wheels on a tractor and replacing them with track units and vice-versa can typically be completed within just a few hours. No major modifications to the machine are necessary.

Depending on the weight of the tractor or machine and what it is used for, there is a variety of Zuidberg Westtrack systems to choose from. The triangular systems can be fitted to almost any tractor, self-propelled or towed machinery and agricultural vehicles. Systems can also be custom-built to specific requirements in relation to track width, rut width, wheelbase, wheel height and load.

New front linkage for John Deere 6R Series

June 2013

New front linkage for John Deere 6R SeriesAvailable now from the sole UK importer of Zuidberg front linkages, Lynx Engineering, is a new, completely redesigned front linkage assembly for the John Deere 6R Series tractor range. The development of the new Zuidberg SLF-R front linkage has been driven by the need for full compatibility with John Deere's redesigned front loaders for the 6R model range. The new SLF-R linkage is much more compact and closely integrated with the tractor. The pivot point is set tighter to the tractor's front axle, effectively moving the linkage assembly back and ensuring ample clearance between the front loader and linkage at all times.

As well as its cleaner and more elegant look, access to parts and hydraulic services has been made much easier. The new front linkage is also significantly stronger than the previous model. The top plate is made of cast-iron GGG 50 and is equipped with an integrated towing hook. The new SLF-R front linkages have lift capacities of 32 or 40 kN for 4-cylinder tractor models and 32 or 50 kN for 6-cylinder versions.

Added weight strengthens Lynx range

June 2013

The new Lynx weight block optionLynx has added a new weight block option to its existing and extensive range of front and rear mounted weight systems.

The new product, called ProWeight, has been developed by Lynx in direct response to feedback from customers highlighting their preference for an integrated tool box. The new front linkage mounted ProWeight features a 42-litre capacity compartment, providing ample room for storing power points and other ancillary items. Lights can also be fitted to ProWeight as an option. Of composite construction comprising a steel outer shell and granite filings infill, ProWeight is initially available from Lynx as a 1600 kg unit. A 1000 kg weight will follow and Lynx has longer-term plans to complete the range with a 2-tonne model.

NEW! StreamLine C Press System – Now even stronger and more efficient

May 2013

The New Streamline CLynx Engineering's popular and long-established Streamline Front Press range has been improved and updated with the introduction of the new-look Streamline C range. Featuring a new, robust frame manufactured using advanced laser cutting technology, incorporating fewer components and designed to carry either cast rings or shouldered press rings, the new Streamline C is a stronger and even more efficient cultivation tool than its predecessor. Developed to provide excellent seedbed levelling and improved germination and with several options available, the StreamLine C is perfectly adapted to suit all UK soil conditions.

Cast rings set at 45 degrees provide general packing for light to medium land while shouldered cast rings provide more surface packing on a wider variety of soil types.

More information on the new Streamline C can be found here

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Flexxaire fans automatically reverse the cooling airflow to purge debris from radiators and other heat exchangers, resulting in reduced engine overheating, operating downtime and repair and maintenance costs. Moreover, Flexxaire fans monitor the coolant's temperature and reduce the airflow if not necessary.

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