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Zuidberg Takes Front Linkages To The Next Level

Zuidberg's new front linkage conceptLynx Engineering, UK distributor for Zuidberg front linkages, PTOs and track systems, have unveiled a new concept in front linkage design from the Dutch manufacturer.

The new Zuidberg front linkage has been developed following extensive market research in cooperation with CAH Vilentum University in Dronten, Holland and with the participation of various end-users and agricultural machinery companies across Europe.

"The central question that drove the research was 'what are customers most likely to be looking for from their front linkage products in the future, given the increasing importance that end-users are now attaching to factors such as productivity, flexibility, longer service life and lower cost of ownership'. Zuidberg's design and engineering teams took up the challenge and have developed a new, innovative and highly efficient front linkage that we believe provides a perfect response to the changing needs of the market," explained Lynx Engineering Managing Director, Nick Ewbank.

Some of the key features inherent in the new front linkage include unrivalled integration with the tractor make and model for which it is intended, an integrated recessed 7-pin connector and hydraulic connections in the front linkage top plate, increased ground clearance by means of a redesigned cast lifting frame and increased lifting range of 90cm made possible by the use of longer lifting cylinders.

Zuidberg has now also introduced the additional choice of lift height adjustment of the lifting arms and front remote controls are now available for both lifting and lowering and front double acting service lines.

Lower operating costs and increased efficiency have been achieved, says Zuidberg, by ensuring total compatibility with the company's newly developed High Efficiency Front PTO and, thanks to the more compact construction of the new front linkage design, improved compatibility with front loaders. The new design also facilitates the maximum steering angle for a reduced turning circle.

For ease of maintenance, Zuidberg has improved the accessibility of all grease points.

High Efficiency Front PTO - Reduces Power Consumption, Improves Fuel Economy

Zuidberg's new High Efficiency Front PTO gearboxLynx Engineering, UK distributor for Zuidberg front linkages and PTO systems, has announced that, following an extensive test programme, the manufacturer's new High Efficiency Front PTO gearbox, will soon be commercially available on certain tractor models.

The transmission differs from the current front PTO system design in that the clutch is now positioned on the input shaft. The re-siting of the clutch ensures that the inside of the transmission only rotates if the clutch is actually engaged, keeping energy losses to a minimum. Moreover, it facilitates a much more compact design for the entire transmission unit.

The new High Efficiency PTO is equipped with an integrated load sensor that transmits a signal to manage power to the PTO and subsequently the tractor implement, protecting against overload and potential damage. This signal, either digital or analogue, can be used as an input signal for the tractor ECU to either trigger a warning or limit engine power.

Internal oil management has also been optimised, which says Lynx, results in lower resistance and higher efficiency without compromising the lubrication of internal components. The transmission can transfer power levels up to 150 kW (201 Hp) at an output speed of 1000 rpm from a more compact unit.

Zuidberg's new High Efficiency PTO has already attracted a great deal of interest at recent trade show events including Cereals and The Royal Highland Show and Lynx has reported a high level of enquiries for the new product.

Lynx reveals new override protection system from Zuidberg

Zuidberg's new override protection systemAmongst a number of new products to be unveiled during the summer show season by UK importer and distributor Lynx Engineering was a new override protection system developed by Dutch manufacturer, Zuidberg.

The number of road traffic accidents involving agricultural tractors in collision with other vehicles remains stubbornly high both here in the UK and across Europe, with many such incidents resulting in serious injuries or fatalities. As tractors have continued to increase in size and weight so too has the potential for cars, vans or motorcycles to be mounted and crushed under a tractor with no front wheel protection.

A new override protection system, developed by Netherlands-based Zuidberg Frontline Systems to fit a wide range of tractors, is designed to absorb the impact of a front-on collision and deflect the other vehicle away from the tractor instead of ending up underneath it.

Zuidberg's Override Protection system is available in two different versions. The first version can be used with Zuidberg front weights between 850 and 1400 kg. A second multi-functional version can be combined with both the usual 3-point front linkage, and with any A-frame quick hitch. This version also comes supplied with a built-in towbar, and can be extended with a storage space/toolbox.

Nick Ewbank, Managing Director of UK importer Lynx Engineering, said: "As well as greatly increasing the chances of survival for any road user unlucky enough to be involved in an accident with a tractor, the Zuidberg system greatly enhances the recognisability and visibility of the tractor by other road users from a longer, safer distance, reducing the risk of a collision occurring at all. Zuidberg's override protection solution is of a very high quality and has been brought to market after a year of extensive research carried out internationally amongst Zuidberg customers and a variety of tractor users."

Both versions are of a sleek design, adjustable in width and come with all legally required width markings applied. They are suitable for all types of tractor equipped with front linkages and can be supplied to match original tractor colours. Smart technology in the bumper prevents snapping when reversing and all versions can be fitted with integrated LED marker lighting in order to further improve visibility and recognisability.

Prices are yet to be confirmed by Lynx Engineering. However, the company says that the closer integration of Zuidberg's engineering, production, sales and service operations into one location resulting in greater manufacturing efficiency will translate into competitive and affordable pricing across the range.

New Zuidberg development geared for fast-track success

Zuidberg's new override protection systemLynx Engineering, UK importer of Zuidberg front linkage, PTO, override protection and rubber track systems, have unveiled a new high speed track system from the Dutch manufacturer.

"A major issue with conventional after-market track systems is that the tractor's driving speed can be reduced by as much as 40%," explained Lynx Managing Director, Nick Ewbank. "Plus, where customers would like rubber tracks only at the rear and the front wheels remain in place, the tractor's four-wheel drive needs to be disengaged completely - this is often not possible – until now. The new Zuidberg high speed track system, which replaces only the rear wheels with tracks, overcomes these problems.

"At the heart of Zuidberg's unique design solution is an integrated patented transmission, which keeps the tractor's mechanical front wheel, rear wheel ratio intact with the result that the tractor suffers no speed reduction and its four-wheel drive remains available at all times," he said.

Zuidberg's high speed track system also features a brand new suspension arrangement. Not only are the bogie wheels suspended, as is common in other track systems, but the entire track system including the idler wheels are also suspended. This is achieved by fitting a fixed mounting frame to the tractor's rear axle, complete with pivot points and a hydraulic cylinder with an accumulator.

The suspension has a stroke of 80mm. In addition, the bogie wheels can independently rotate sideways in order to follow the contour of the road. This new suspension concept, says the manufacturer, not only enhances driver comfort, but also extends the lifetime of both the tractor and the track system.

"Easy interchangeability between the high speed tracks and wheels and tyres is another bonus of this solution – a benefit which is not available on some other systems," said Nick Ewbank. "You can have all the advantages of tracks, such as increased traction, narrow construction and lower ground pressure which are important for certain jobs, whilst still retaining maximum manoeuvrability of the tractor for other tasks."

Lynx to Distribute Dromone Hitches in UK

The Dromone Ball & Spoon Coupling SystemLynx Engineering has been appointed by Dromone Engineering Limited as the UK importer and distributor of the Ireland-based manufacturer's range of mechanical and hydraulic tractor pick up hitches and their new patented ball and spoon coupling system.

Dromone is one of the largest manufacturers of pick up hitches for tractors and construction products in Europe and currently exports some 75% of its output to 36 countries worldwide. The company supplies direct to some of the world's largest original equipment manufacturers of agricultural and construction equipment, as well as original equipment dealers and an international network of distributors.

Nick Ewbank, Managing Director of Lynx Engineering, sees this latest addition to the company's product offering as a perfect fit with its existing portfolio of tractor attachments and accessories. "Lynx has long been associated with products and systems designed to maximise the productivity and versatility of the tractor. Our successful partnerships with leading international manufacturer brands such as Stoll front loaders, Zuidberg front linkages, PTOs and rubber track systems and Flexxaire engine cooling and radiator cleaning systems testify to that," he said. "The addition of Dromone's extensive line of pick up hitches sits very nicely within our existing range and we can see real potential for sales growth with this franchise."

The Dromone Ball & Spoon Coupling SystemProduct Manager for Dromone Engineering, Patrick Duffy, regards the appointment of Lynx as an important strategic move that can help Dromone to open up a substantial new market in the UK. "For many years Dromone has focused its sales effort on the OEM market and we have been very successful in forging strong business relationships with global agricultural machinery brands. However, we see a major opportunity for growth in the UK across our agricultural product range within the second-hand and after-markets. Lynx's experience in this sector and the fact that they have in place an established and extensive UK dealer network will be a real asset in our drive to tap into this potentially significant market and we are delighted to have them on board," he said.

Through its dealer network, Lynx will be marketing and distributing the full range of products from Dromone's agricultural division including mechanical, hydraulic, vertical and telehandler pick up hitches as well as linkless hitches and pallet forks.

The Dromone line-up available through Lynx will also include Dromone's new, patented ball and spoon coupling system. "The Dromone ball and spoon coupling is robust, durable, easy to maintain and can reduce wear and hitch damage by up to 90% compared with traditional towing rings. That equates to a big saving in operating costs for tractor users. When towing, the Dromone system is smooth and positive which gives users the confidence to tow at the speeds their tractors are designed for. It's also incredibly quiet with none of the shunting and rattling noises associated with conventional hook and ring systems," explained Nick Ewbank.

As well as maintaining a substantial stock holding of new Dromone products, Lynx will also carry large stocks of spare parts for the manufacturer's pick up hitches at its facility in Northamptonshire.

New Sales Appointments at Lynx

Eddie CaulfieldLynx Engineering has announced the appointment of two new area sales managers, both of whom are returning to the fold for a second stint with the company.

Eddie Caulfield rejoins as the company's new Central Area Sales Manager covering a territory extending east from Wales to Shropshire and Northamptonshire and northwards through Derbyshire and as far as Yorkshire. Eddie originally worked with the UK importer for several years before leaving in 2004 to take up Territory Manager roles with Amazone and then Krone and then moving on to a branch management position at New Holland and Case IH dealership, The Turney Group. He now takes over the role vacated by Jim Drury who is retiring from his full-time position but will continue to work with Lynx on a part-time project basis.

Eddie's new colleague, Simon Cowley, takes on the role of Eastern Area Sales Manager with responsibility for an area encompassing Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Kent and part of Leicestershire. Simon left Lynx in 2010 to take up the Branch Manager position at Farol's Byfield branch. He then moved on to Marston Trailers where he was Area Sales Manager and then to Ernest Doe at Colchester where he was Branch and Sales manager for three years before returning to Lynx.

Speaking on behalf of both new appointees, Eddie said: "It's good to be back! The company has grown impressively since we were here the first time around and there are some really exciting developments in the pipeline, which will further extend our product offering from a variety of leading international manufacturers. We are both looking forward to meeting and working closely alongside all of the dealers in our respective areas with the aim of developing sales across the Lynx range."

New ClassicLine Front Loader from Stoll

NX PowerLiteLynx Engineering, UK importer for STOLL front loaders, has announced the launch of the manufacturer's new ClassicLine range, now available through the nationwide Lynx dealer network. Comprising four models, the 655, 755, 855 and 955, ClassicLine is designed specifically for use on smaller tractors between 65 and 110hp weighing up to 4.3 tons.

ClassicLine replaces STOLL's EcoLine range and is ideal for users who require a loader that is perfectly matched to their new or existing low-hp tractor and offers good all-round performance at a competitive price. "The ClassicLine shares much of the pedigree associated with STOLL's FZ ProfiLine," says Lynx Managing Director, Nick Ewbank. "The loader brackets, drive-in system and high quality fine-grain steel used in manufacture are all the same. Visibility is excellent and the low loader weight and optimised positioning of the brackets minimise load-stresses on the tractor. Practical and robust features add real value. For example, reinforced pivots contribute to reduced wear rates and higher power transmission whilst the double-acting cylinder provides a high lifting capacity for this class of loader."

A wide selection of implements are also available for the STOLL ClassicLine front loaders range.

New, More Intuitive Joystick for Stoll Front-Loader Control System

New Stoll Pro Control JoystickMachinery importer, Lynx Engineering, has announced the UK release of the new Pro Control System developed by German manufacturer, Stoll, for their ProfiLine range of tractor front loaders.

One of the key benefits of the new system, claims Lynx, is a much more intuitive and responsive electronically controlled joystick, as Managing Director, Nick Ewbank, explained: "Different loader operators tend to use joystick controls in different ways. Depending on the type of machinery they have been used to operating, some are happier using harder, more aggressive lever movements, whilst others prefer to adopt a softer approach in order to feel for the response resulting from their lever movements.

"The upgraded joystick design that forms part of Stoll's new control system now enables operators to 'personalise' joystick movement to suit their way of working," he said. "This is achieved by selecting from one of three different settings – hard, medium or soft - from the switches on the keypad incorporated within the head of the joystick. By choosing the setting which is most in-tune with the operator's natural hand movements, problems such as delayed response or jerky, sudden movements are eliminated. This increased controllability and predictability of response can significantly improve operator comfort and productivity," he added.

The new control system provides, for the first time, a platform for all the switches for the Stoll front loader's operation including 'on/off' functions, loader response speed, programmable loader movements and extra functions such as grab operation, fast-dump, comfort-drive suspension system and hydraulic tool locking to be integrated into the joystick.

Stoll Ventil"There have always been switches for front loader extra functions but, until now, they could have been located anywhere in the driver's cab," said Nick Ewbank. Lines or buttons were fitted subject to the availability of space for a connector. This often meant that the driver had to look in a different place for every button. Now, all the connectors go to the front loader joystick so all the control switches are in one place."

"This new development not only enhances operating precision, it also improves safety by allowing operators to focus fully on the loading or unloading task in front of them instead of being distracted by having to reach across to different parts of the cab to operate different loader functions," he added.

The new Pro Control system is made possible by a completely new and more compact valve block design, which significantly reduces cabling requirements and is fitted directly under Stoll's Hydro-Fix multiple quick-release coupling system. The new valve block, claims Stoll, saves space, is stronger yet lighter in weight, distributes oil more efficiently and is easier to install.

In addition, new software has been developed by Stoll to ensure the smooth running of the Pro Control system and comply with the requirements set out in the safety standard, ISO 25119.

The new Pro Control system and joystick is available as an option across the Stoll ProfiLine range of front loaders.

New Programmable Height Function for Stoll Front Loaders

New Stoll "Boom Kick-Out"A new feature which enables Stoll front loader operators to pre-program both upper and lower working height limits is now available across the German manufacturer's ProfiLine range on models equipped with the firm's optional new Pro Control system.

The new semi-automatic 'Boom Kick Out' function comes into its own when performing routine and repetitive everyday loading tasks, as Nick Ewbank, Managing Director of UK importer, Lynx Engineering, explains: "There are many jobs on the farm that are performed repeatedly such as loading grain, pallets or bales onto trailers or moving them into or out of barns. Until now the operator had to manually control the upper or lower position of the front loader, which made a relatively simple task far more tiresome and time-consuming than it needed to be.

"With this technology, the tractor driver simply manoeuvres the front loader into position, for example, at the side of a silage wagon, and then uses the Pro Control joystick to select the configured program and log-in the desired height settings into the memory. For example, the operator could pre-set the loading height to 2.30m and set the program 30cm lower for removing the silage. The loader automatically maintains the selected load cycle position each time, which means that no further operator intervention is required."

Stoll claims that this new feature, developed by Stoll engineers from a technique that originated in the construction machinery sector, will help to save time and money across a wide range of regular loading tasks by expediting routine load handling jobs, and by reducing material wear and tear and diesel consumption.

"Boom Kick Out raises the bar in terms of operator convenience and productivity – and because it is built into the Pro Control joystick, it couldn't be simpler to operate," said Nick Ewbank. "Furthermore the system is remarkably smooth in operation. There are no sudden jolts or stops at the end of a load cycle. The loader progressively slows as it approaches the pre-set working limit and comes to a smooth, gradual halt."

The "Boom Kick Out" function, which comprises of a Pro Control joystick, controller, electro-hydraulic proportional valve and rotation sensor and is now available on Stoll ProfiLine front loaders across the Lynx dealer network, can be combined with Stoll's auto level control system 'Return-To-Level'. This ensures the front loader moves automatically into the correct position and the tool is correctly aligned.

Zuidberg Importers Event 'A Great Success'

Lynx on Tour – pictured here at the Zuidberg Importers Event are (from left to right): Nicky Murphy, Neil Hedley, Nick Ewbank, John Sandys, Jim Drury and Mark Purves.
Lynx on Tour – pictured here at the Zuidberg Importers Event are (from left to right): Nicky Murphy, Neil Hedley, Nick Ewbank, John Sandys, Jim Drury and Mark Purves.

A 3-day international importers and press event held by Zuidberg Frontline Systems B.V. at the company’s head office and manufacturing complex in Ens, Holland was deemed to be a resounding success by the Lynx sales team who attended along with Zuidberg importers from around Europe.

A packed itinerary started on Day 1 with a guided factory tour which took in all four of Zuidberg’s product divisions and manufacturing centres located on the same site at Ens. Zuidberg Frontline Systems manufactures front linkage and PTO systems. Zuidberg Tracks specialises in the production of rubber track systems for tractors, harvesters and other self-propelled machines. Zuidberg Transmissions focuses on the development and production of customer-specific transmissions and drive solutions. The site is also home to Zuidberg Staalservice, the company’s own in-house steel processing plant, which processed some 13,000 tons of steel in 2014 for its own consumption and for supply to a growing list of customers.

The factory tours were followed by a detailed presentation about the company’s sales strategy, designed to achieve continued growth in an increasingly challenging and competitive global market place in both the OEM and after-market sectors.

The agenda on Day 2 began with further presentations on Zuidberg’s product development and sales strategy followed by an introduction to the company’s all-new website, which will offer high-end search and transactional functionality for importers and partners and a richer and more rewarding visitor experience.

The afternoon session on Day 2 was given over to news of exciting new product developments. These include the new EFC Pro Mobile application which will enable users to control their front linkages from their Android smartphones or tablets and is scheduled for launch in early 2016.

Day 3 was reserved for invited members of the agricultural press from around Europe.

Commenting on the event, Lynx Engineering’s Managing Director, Nick Ewbank, said: "I have been to the Zuidberg facility on numerous previous occasions, but every time I come here I never fail to be impressed by the company’s continuing investment in design, engineering and state-of-the-art automation, process and manufacturing technology. And this trip was no exception."

The Zuidberg plant list includes 8 fully automatic turning and milling centres, 6 fully automatic machining centres, a highly advanced flexible manufacturing system, multiple welding robots, gear wheel manufacturing facility, gearbox testing units and an impressive paint shop for 2-pack painting.

Around 10% of Zuidberg staff are employed in the company’s first-class engineering department and have access to impressive resources such as 3D CAD-Engineering systems, 3D scan devices and fully automatic and computerized stress tests for all new products.

In 2014 Zuidberg manufactured and supplied some 16,000 front linkage systems and 12,500 front PTOs. This brings the overall total of units produced by the company to 245,000 front linkage systems and 115,000 front PTOs. The company manufactured products for 30 different tractor brands and 363 different tractor models. As at December 2014, the Zuidberg range of front linkages comprised of 1,070 models and no fewer than 1,110 different PTOs were available. The figures are impressive - and with a range that is set for continued expansion and exciting new innovations in the pipeline, the future for Zuidberg and its importers looks very bright indeed.

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The timer-controlled Flexxaire TAC2000H hydraulically actuated fan is now available for the Caterpillar 950K.

Flexxaire fans automatically reverse the cooling airflow to purge debris from radiators and other heat exchangers, resulting in reduced engine overheating, operating downtime and repair and maintenance costs. Moreover, Flexxaire fans monitor the coolant's temperature and reduce the airflow if not necessary. This can lead to lower fuel consumption and noise levels as well as an increase in the machine's efficiency.


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