New Zuidberg Front PTO available for MF 8S Series

New Zuidberg Front PTO available for MF 8S Series

‘Tractor of the Year’ and ‘Red Dot Award Winner’ for 2021, the universally acclaimed Massey Ferguson 8S Series is difficult to improve upon. But here’s one way – you can now have it fitted with a Zuidberg front PTO.

Available for 8S.205, 8S.225, 8S.245 and 8S.265 models, Zuidberg PTO technology, build-quality, performance efficiency and outstanding reliability are a perfect match for Massey’s all-conquering tractor range.

Backed by the assurance of an engineering pedigree that is without equal in the sector and countless satisfied users worldwide, Zuidberg PTOs offer a host of productivity-enhancing features.

For example, front PTO control is fully integrated with the tractor’s electronics for simple, seamless operation. Reliability and durability come as standard. The PTO uses a multi-disk wet clutch arrangement for smooth activation of equipment and a prolonged lifespan. And full engine power is transferable with the standard PTO which utilises an oil cooler for optimum performance.

For maximum ease of connection, the output shaft can always be rotated over 60 degrees and Zuidberg have lowered the PTO stump to give the optimal angle of the drive shaft between tractor and implement.

If your 8S is equipped with a factory-fitted front linkage, no problem, the PTO can be fully integrated whilst always retaining your tractor’s maximum ground clearance and steering angle.

For full details of the front PTOs for the MF 8S series or front PTOs and linkages for any other make and model of tractor, try using our Zuidberg Configurator.

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Spotted at Stockton!! Take a look at this beauty we spotted on our travels up to Ripon Farm Services the other week. 6210R with all the Zuidberg bells and whistles, even a front remote control kit. Doesn’t look bad for 7 years old!  

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One happy customer - J B Barrett Tractors delivering a new Deutz Fahr 5125 complete with a matching Stoll FZ 20. The dealer applauded the Loader for its “excellent view positioning inside of the tractor cab”.