Stoll loaders the perfect match for 6M Series John Deere

Stoll loaders the perfect match for 6M Series John Deere

The John Deere 6120M tractor is the latest in the manufacturer’s 6M line-up that can now be fitted with a Stoll Profiline front loader and joins the 6090, 6100 and 6110 models that are also compatible with the world-class Stoll brand.

The Profiline front loader is a perfect match for the 6120M in more ways than one. You can specify your front loader in John Deere green to provide a continuous, eye-catching, colour-matched visual transition from tractor to lifting arms. And in terms of all-round performance, and visibility, loader and tractor combine seamlessly to deliver a powerful, versatile, integrated materials handling package.

The 6120M, with a maximum power output of 133hp – up to 145hp if equipped with Intelligent Power Management (IPM) – is ideally suited to the daily tasks of a livestock operation such as baling, feeding, mowing and tedding. The tractor’s short wheelbase also makes it perfect for loader work and the Stoll Profiline is the perfect choice. With a lift height in excess of 4 metres and increasing capacities across our mid-range models FZ30.1, FZ35.1, FZ40.1 and FZ45.1, there’s a Profline loader tailor-made to suit your needs.

Innovation comes as standard

Profline loaders are bristling with advanced features. Stoll’s unique Z-kinematics technology, for example, conceals the rods of the mechanical parallel guide within the lifting arm booms freeing up the view for the driver. There are no parts above the lifting arms to obstruct the driver’s vision.

This same technology allows the front loader to be mounted closer to the cab, reducing the load on the tractor by optimally positioning the attachment components. The Z-kinematics system also offers greater lift capacities and breakout forces.

Stoll Profiline loaders have a slim profile and, thanks to the use of fine grain steel in their construction, are relatively low in weight for the power they deliver. They also feature the Stoll Drive-In system enabling operators to attach the loader securely to their tractor and be ready for work in under 2 minutes.

There’s a wide range of options to choose from across the Profiline range. These include the Comfort Drive boom suspension system, Return-to-Level, HYDRO-Fix for fast hydraulic connections, and a choice of control systems.

Profiline loaders are also available with a comprehensive range of implements to make light work of virtually any task on and around the farm. These include buckets, gripping implements, grapples, forks, numerous bale handlers, pallet handlers, bag-lift implements, forestry implements, change frames and a host of other tools and accessories.


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Spotted at Stockton!! Take a look at this beauty we spotted on our travels up to Ripon Farm Services the other week. 6210R with all the Zuidberg bells and whistles, even a front remote control kit. Doesn’t look bad for 7 years old!  

Lynx engineering - @Lynxengineering

One happy customer - J B Barrett Tractors delivering a new Deutz Fahr 5125 complete with a matching Stoll FZ 20. The dealer applauded the Loader for its “excellent view positioning inside of the tractor cab”.