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Lynx PowertechOPTIMA takes tractor performance into new territory

Are you looking for big savings on your tractor's running costs? Looking for ways to significantly improve the power and torque from your tractor? Either way, the Optima control system is perfectly in tune with your needs. Quick and easy to fit, Optima is fully compatible with the electronically controlled fuel injection systems used by modern tractor engines. Distributed solely in the UK by POWERtech, a sister company to Lynx Engineering, Optima has the pedigree, the expertise and the support you can trust.

A tuning system developed specifically for your tractor

Unlike some other products on the market, Optima is not a modified car system. It is purpose-designed for tuning tractors, where high torque loadings over many hours of running are the norm. What's more, your Optima unit is specifically designed for your machine's engine and fuel injection system and is set up by your dealer to achieve the efficiency and performance improvements you require.

Improves power and torque output

The Optima system is capable of improving tuning levels by as much as 25%. How? The system improves power and torque curves by the same ratio, retaining the same shape as the standard tractor engine set-up, giving enhanced PTO power and better on-road capabilities. You can haul more and work faster.

Saves you £££s on fuel costs

Delighted Optima users are reporting fuel savings of up to 20% since installing the system on their tractors and recouping their initial outlay after only a few weeks operation. Farmers are also telling us they can plough faster, often working 3 gears higher than previously. That means lower fuel burn and cleaner, cooler running. It all adds up to major savings.

Totally safe, secure and reliable

The Optima tractor engine tuning system is now well proven in the field across an ever-increasing range of tractor makes and models. There is no intervention with the tractor's Engine Control Unit (ECU). Your tractor's error code detection program stays intact ensuring that the ECU will protect your engine if the system is over-tuned.

View the PowerTech Video here


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