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Convert your machine into a more flexible asset and get on track for increased yields

With Zuidberg Westtrack, you can work your land under extreme conditions. The triangular rubber track system allows you to drive across any type of surface - wet or dry, flat or undulating - with ease. You can also drive over surfaces with a lower load-bearing capacity earlier in the year and do so for longer, meaning you can extend your working season.

By design, the tracks exert a lower ground pressure and as a result damage to the soil structure is dramatically reduced. With rubber tracks from Zuidberg Westtrack and specialist advice and technical support from the UK's main distributor, Lynx Engineering, choosing the right system and converting your tractor or machine into a powerful and flexible tracked vehicle is easy. With all of these benefits and more, Zuidberg Westtrack systems offer an excellent return on investment.

Up to 75% less ground pressure

Tractors and much heavier harvesters exert pressures of up to 2,500 grams per cm² on their tyres. This can cause considerable damage to the ground structure. If the soil is wet while working the land, the risk of structural damage is highest and recovery can often take years. A track system can reduce the ground pressure by up to 75% compared to machinery using standard pneumatic tyres. This means that the structure of the soil in which you are drilling, planting or setting remains fully intact. Even when crossing obstacles, the Zuidberg Westtrack system will adopt the optimum position, based on the ground pressure.

Track systems reduce soil compaction

Although the tracks push down on the top soil, they leave minimum compaction in or underneath the track they pass over. This hugely reduces structural deterioration and helps to promote good soil to seed contact so essential for healthy plant growth and improving yield quality and quantity.



Improved grip and more power

With Zuidberg-Westtrack track system fitted to your machine, you can increase its towing and/or load-bearing capacity. This is because the contact surface on the ground is many times greater than is possible with a normal pneumatic tyre. With rubber tracks, up to four times as many grooves are active on the ground. In addition, the tracks are self-cleaning and do not clog up, so optimum traction is assured. All four track units generate full traction with the ground, even when negotiating bends.

Easily interchangeable with conventional tyres

Fitting or removing the tracks is a quick and simple process. You can change the standard wheels on a tractor or machine for track units in no time at all. No major modifications to the machine are required. For total flexibility, the machine can quickly be put back into use with the standard wheels, maintaining the original utility value of the tractor.

A range of standard or custom-engineered solutions

Depending on the weight of your tractor or machine and what it is used for, you can choose from a variety of track systems from Zuidberg-Westtrack. The triangular systems can be fitted to almost any tractor, self-propelled or towed machinery and agricultural vehicles. Systems can also be custom-built to your specific requirements in relation to track width, rut width, wheelbase, wheel height and load.



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