Override protection system ‘a major contributor to road safety’

Override protection system ‘a major contributor to road safety’

The number of road traffic accidents involving agricultural tractors in collision with other vehicles remains stubbornly high both here in the UK and across Europe, with many such incidents resulting in serious injuries or fatalities. As tractors have continued to increase in size and weight so too has the potential for cars, vans or motorcycles to be mounted and crushed under a tractor with no front wheel protection.

An override protection system, developed by Netherlands-based Zuidberg Frontline Systems to fit a wide range of tractors and available in the UK through importer Lynx Engineering, is designed to absorb the impact of a front-on collision and deflect the other vehicle away from the tractor instead of ending up underneath it.

The override protection system is available in two different versions. The first version can be used with Zuidberg front weights between 850 and 1400 kg. A second multi-functional version can be combined with both the usual 3-point front linkage, and with any A-frame quick hitch. This version also comes supplied with a built-in towbar, and can be extended with a storage space/toolbox.

Nick Ewbank, Managing Director of Lynx Engineering, said: “As well as greatly increasing the chances of survival for any road user unlucky enough to be involved in an accident with a tractor, the Zuidberg system greatly enhances the recognisability and visibility of the tractor by other road users from a longer, safer distance, reducing the risk of a collision occurring at all. Zuidberg’s override protection solution is of a very high quality and is the result of extensive research carried out internationally amongst Zuidberg customers and a variety of tractor users. It really is a major contributor to road safety in the countryside.”

Both versions are of a sleek design, adjustable in width and come with all legally required width markings applied. They are suitable for all types of tractor equipped with front linkages and can be supplied to match original tractor colours. Smart technology in the bumper prevents snapping when reversing and all versions can be fitted with integrated LED marker lighting in order to further improve visibility and recognisability.

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Spotted at Stockton!! Take a look at this beauty we spotted on our travels up to Ripon Farm Services the other week. 6210R with all the Zuidberg bells and whistles, even a front remote control kit. Doesn’t look bad for 7 years old!  

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One happy customer - J B Barrett Tractors delivering a new Deutz Fahr 5125 complete with a matching Stoll FZ 20. The dealer applauded the Loader for its “excellent view positioning inside of the tractor cab”.