StreamLine D front presses utilise the well-proven DD press ring, which combines a wide shoulder and a sharp cutting edge to both cultivate and consolidate. The profile of the DD ring provides a degree of flotation to maintain a consistent depth. A single row of DDs (700mm diameter) are fitted into the main section of the press frame and run on a split axle. This allows a speed differential between the rings for easier steering correction in work.

The Range

Model Width (m) Weight (Kg)
L15DD 1.5 800
L30DD 3 1400
L30DDF* 3 1500
L40DD 4 1800
L40DDF* 4 1900
L60DDF* 6 2650

Shouldered Cast Ring

Model Width (m) Weight (Kg)
L15CR 1.5 950
L30CR 3 1600
L40CR 4 2000
L30CRF* 3 1700
L40CRF* 3 2150
*F denotes folding frame with hydraulic lock up and down.


Tine Options

A choice of tine systems is available to suit your needs and ground conditions. These include a sprung levelling board, which can be combined as required with two rows of sprung tines or rigid tines (shear bolt protected). Hydraulic folding is a further option on models 3-metres and above.

Streamline Image
Streamline Image

Lynx engineering -

Spotted at Stockton!! Take a look at this beauty we spotted on our travels up to Ripon Farm Services the other week. 6210R with all the Zuidberg bells and whistles, even a front remote control kit. Doesn’t look bad for 7 years old!  

Lynx engineering - @Lynxengineering

One happy customer - J B Barrett Tractors delivering a new Deutz Fahr 5125 complete with a matching Stoll FZ 20. The dealer applauded the Loader for its “excellent view positioning inside of the tractor cab”.