Black beauty

Black beauty


This gloss black, loader-ready Deutz 6165 TTV Warrior fitted with the latest Stoll ProfiLine FZ front loader, also in black, makes for a stunning combination. So we couldn’t resist grabbing a few pictures of the tractor before it left the supplying dealership, R C Boreham & Co, for the grounds maintenance department of Stansted Airport.

Powered by the latest Stage 5 compliant 6-cylinder Deutz 6.1 TCD engine, it’s capable of delivering between 164 and 171hp. Also featuring continuously variable transmission with stepless speed control from 0 to 50 kph, a choice of two wheelbases and numerous other technology options, the tractor offers everything that’s needed, and more, for ploughing, sowing, cultivating, transporting, harvesting crops and, of course, front loader work.

The limited edition Warrior really makes this tractor stand out from the crowd. It boasts automatic air conditioning, an LED light package, rear lower soundproof glass, illuminated external controls (subject to equipment), stainless steel exhaust cover, Warrior comfort seat, Warrior starting screen in InfoCentre, Warrior decaling and silver chrome clasp on the bonnet, and DEUTZ-FAHR floor mat.


A powerful ally on the farming front line

The Warrior is paired with the powerful Stoll ProfiLine Next Generation FZ46-26 front loader. Perfectly matched for tractors in the 150-230hp power range, this particular loader model has a lifting force of up to 2,580 daN* and a maximum lift height of 4.55 metres*.

Stoll’s Z-Kinematics technology, a key feature of the loader, not only frees the operator’s view of the implement by concealing the mechanical parallel guide rods within the lifting arm booms, it also allows the front loader to be mounted closer to the driver’s cab. This means that attachment components are in the optimum position to reduce the load on the tractor’s front axle and provide the best possible clearance for steering angle and axle swing path.

 The loader is designed for maximum implement loading capacity and no trickle losses, with a maximum tilting angle, on the ground, between 41⁰ and 45⁰, raised up to 63⁰.

Other highlights include Stoll’s well-proven Drive-In System for easy mounting and dismounting of the loader – with the Hydro-Fix attachment system all hydraulic lines can be connected to the tractor at the same time. Implement attachment is quick and easy using Euro-frame or Combi Headstocks, whilst the unique ‘Return-to-Level’ feature ensures the implement returns to a predefined optimum position at the touch of a button.

Another Stoll ProfiLine feature that tractor operators will appreciate, especially when the going gets rough, is Comfort-Drive. This highly effective damping system reduces the shocks on loader and implement for smoother driving, even on the bumpiest terrain.


Implements for every task

ProfiLine loaders are available with a comprehensive range of implements to make light work of virtually any task on and around the farm. These include buckets, gripping implements, grapples, forks, numerous bale handlers, pallet handlers, bag-lift implements, forestry implements, change frames and a host of other tools and accessories.

The complete line of Stoll’s next generation of ProfiLine loaders, to fit both new and second-hand tractors, are available to order from Lynx Engineering dealers across the UK and Ireland.

*In the implements pivot point


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All Loaded up and on her way home. We had a great time at the Ripon Farm Services Show with many reminiscing stories and plenty of compliments about our 6800 and attachments. It makes all of those long hours from the team restoring her worthwhile.  

Lynx engineering - @Lynxengineering

We had a great time at the Ripon Farm Services Show, with many reminiscing stories and plenty of compliments about our 6800 and attachments. The main question is, where to go next for the 6800?