Products and parts distribution update

Products and parts distribution update

As farmers, contractors and agricultural and ground care machinery dealers across the country get to grips with the challenges presented by the coronavirus outbreak, we wanted to update you with what we are doing to maintain business continuity whilst prioritising the safety of our staff.

In many respects we’ve been ahead of the curve in planning. Here at Lynx HQ, our office-based staff, where and whenever possible, are working remotely from home and for the limited number of key staff for whom it is sometimes essential to be in the office, strict sanitisation and social distancing protocols are in place. Those same rigorous procedures are being applied around our warehouse and parts stores which remain fully operational.

Our area sales staff, currently based at home, are still working hard to support our dealers and customers. Site visits are only being made if absolutely essential and only where strict distancing measures can be observed. If you wish to talk with any of our sales or parts teams, they can be reached by mobile or email. Full details are on our Contacts page.

As regards stocks of core products such as Stoll front loaders, Zuidberg front linkages and PTOs, Dromone pick-up hitches, weight units and front presses, as well as parts associated with those product lines, we are currently in good shape. Distribution of products and parts to our dealers therefore continues, whilst complying fully with government safe distancing rules and any other measures put in place by dealers at their sites.

We continue to stay in touch on a regular basis with our manufacturing partners and, here too, we planned ahead in order to maximise our stockholding. In the case of Stoll, for example, who are experiencing some component supply issues from Italy, we have brought forward additional orders to keep our stock levels high.

As is reassuringly typical of the farming industry in general, our dealers are demonstrating remarkable stoicism, resilience and ingenuity in maintaining availability of core products and parts to customers by operating strict social distancing and health and safety measures.  Many are handling parts enquiries and orders by telephone, email or online channels. If you need products or parts, please do check arrangements with your dealer.

Together with our dealer network, Lynx will continue to work hard to help keep you working and feeding the nation.


Nick Ewbank

Managing Director

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All Loaded up and on her way home. We had a great time at the Ripon Farm Services Show with many reminiscing stories and plenty of compliments about our 6800 and attachments. It makes all of those long hours from the team restoring her worthwhile.  

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We had a great time at the Ripon Farm Services Show, with many reminiscing stories and plenty of compliments about our 6800 and attachments. The main question is, where to go next for the 6800?