Safe, stylish, versatile – Agribumper ticks all the boxes

Safe, stylish, versatile – Agribumper ticks all the boxes


New from Lynx, the Agribumper range of variable front weight and tractor bumper systems provides unrivalled flexibility for farmers requiring different ballast solutions for different applications, while making an important contribution to road safety.

Not only that, Agribumper’s sleek, compact, modern design across the product range – including tractor brand colour matching on selected product lines – is guaranteed to turn heads.

The product range is extensive, spanning 4 different weight systems and weight options from 350 to 2000kg across more than 60 models. The range includes products designed to fit around a tractor’s front linkage and PTO leaving the linkage arms free to be used for implement lifting and carrying, as well as products for front linkage mounting and others for use on tractors with no front linkage fitted.

All Agribumper core product lines make an important contribution to improving road safety by reducing the risk of collisions involving tractors with other vehicles especially on narrow, winding country roads. Features include underrun protection as well as LED daytime running lights, indicators, width marker poles and reflector chevrons – all designed to make the tractor more visible, more quickly, to other road users and increase their awareness of the tractor’s size and width.


Baseline System

The Baseline system (pictured at the top of this article and in the gallery below) is designed to leave the front linkage and PTO free for use. The Baseline framework also accepts special add-on weights to ballast the tractor front axle for better in-field traction and performance. The product is available with or without a toolbox.

Weights are variable, ranging from 350 up to 1000kg for medium size tractors in the 100-240hp class. Baseline is an ideal solution to the weight/ballast challenges when operating both front and rear mounted mowers or other set-ups requiring a front mounted implement such as a hopper or press working in tandem with heavy kit such as a drill or a cultivator to the rear.

The width is approximately 220 cm, depending on the type of tractor/front linkage, so it’s also ideal for working around tight spaces. Standard features include the visibility pack, cables with 7-pin plug, an add-on adapter/bracket (dependent on tractor brand and model), and black frame and weights with designer plates finished in the tractor colour.


Fronthitch Line

The Agribumper Fronthitch Line (see pictures in gallery below) is a new, compact, steel-encased, toolbox weight fitted to the tractor’s front linkage. Using similar variable density technology as other weights in the Lynx range, the size of the weight does not change. Ideally suited to tractors anywhere between 100 to 500hp, weight options range from 400 up to 1000kg in 200kg increments.

Mounted onto the Cat 2/3 front linkage with top link (pins and balls supplied as standard, along with cables and 7-pin plug), the width of the Fronthitch Line system is adjustable between 220 and 250cms. The capacity of the integrated toolbox is a generous 65 litres. Supremely versatile and practical, the range is also equipped as standard with 2 LED daytime running lights, indicators, width marker poles and reflective chevron plates, so safety is always to the fore. And it looks the part too. The product’s smooth, flowing design lines are complemented by the optional “Colour” spec, with the main body in black and tractor colour matched front side plates. These are mounted above reflective chevrons and additional bumper strips to the front of the weight and side wings. The Fronthitch Line is alternatively available in “Budget” spec in all black with extra-large chevron side plates in place of the colour plates. Note – John Deere green is currently the only fully colour coded Fronthitch Line available.

To add further to the flexibility of the Fronthitch system, the front weight can also be fitted to the rear of the tractor to ensure optimum weight distribution on both front and rear axles.



Weightline and Cargobox

Other Agribumper lines to be offered by Lynx include the Weightline and Toolbox Line (Cargobox) systems. Weightline is essentially a higher capacity version of the Baseline range for applications requiring the front linkage and PTO to be left free for use. At approximately 250cms wide and comprising permanently mounted weights from 400 to 2000kg, it is ideally suited for tractors in the 160 to 500hp range and for those with wider front tyres.

The front-linkage mounted Toolbox Line (see pictures in gallery below) features a huge 145-litre cargo box with fold-out workbench and offers variable front weights in the range 400 to 1800kg. The width of the system is adjustable from 230cm to 260cm. Both Weightline and Toolbox Line product groups come with the visibility pack including LED daytime running lights.


Solutions for compact tractors

For operators of narrow gauge and small, compact tractors, the Agribumper SmallTrack (ST-line) tractor bumper range has been specially developed to meet their needs for a solution that puts the emphasis on safety. ST-Line is equipped with the same underrun/collision protection, LED daytime running lights, indicators, width marker poles and reflector chevrons as the larger series. Suitable for quick assembly and disassembly, the ST-Line mounts in the Cat. 0, 1 or 2 front linkage with top link. The width of the system is adjustable from 128cm up to 180cm and even 198cm in selected installations.


Want to know more?

For more information about Agribumper and how to place an order, contact Lynx Engineering here.

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All Loaded up and on her way home. We had a great time at the Ripon Farm Services Show with many reminiscing stories and plenty of compliments about our 6800 and attachments. It makes all of those long hours from the team restoring her worthwhile.  

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We had a great time at the Ripon Farm Services Show, with many reminiscing stories and plenty of compliments about our 6800 and attachments. The main question is, where to go next for the 6800?