Stoll Tech-Focus No.1 – Z-Kinematics

Stoll Tech-Focus No.1 – Z-Kinematics

Over the coming weeks we’ll be shining the spotlight on some of the many innovative and unique features that set Stoll front loaders apart from the competition and make Stoll the loader of choice for leading tractor manufacturers and tractor operators around the world.

For the first in our series, we’re taking a closer look at Z-Kinematics. This innovative Stoll design concept, which is standard on all Stoll ProfiLine loaders, not only makes an important contribution to operator safety and comfort, it also maximises lifting power while reducing stress and wear on key tractor components.

Control rods integrated within lift arms

Intelligent geometry is at the heart of Stoll Z-Kinematics. Unlike many conventional self-levelling loaders requiring the operation of a hydraulic guidance system, the control rods for the mechanical parallel guide are concealed within the rear lift arms.  This frees up the view for the operator as there are no parts above the lift arms to impede the operator’s vision. The driver enjoys a greatly improved panorama of the loading material and the working area, both to the front and to the side.

In addition, because the lift arms are manufactured in lighter, high tensile fine grain steel, the loader arm profiles are significantly slimmer and less obtrusive, without compromising a single kilogram on lift capacity and maintaining exceptional strength and rigidity. This all adds up to safer, faster, more precise loading and a much more pleasurable and comfortable experience for the operator, particularly when workloads are high and the pressure is on.

But the benefits of this ingenious parallel lifting system don’t end there. The Z-Kinematics design brings loader and tractor into closer unison, giving the feel of a much more compact and integrated loading machine. Largely due to the absence of overhead control rods, the loader can be mounted closer to the cab, which means that attachments and implements such as buckets and bale handlers are in an optimal position. This has the effect of reducing loads on the front axle which in turn results in lower rates of wear on your tractor and increased durability.

The superior quality fine grain steel used by Stoll in the manufacture of their loaders delivers one of the best strength-to-weight ratios on the market and, with Z-Kinematics, even greater lift capacities and breakout forces can be achieved with no loss of lifting power.

You can find more details about Z-Kinematics and the many other advanced features of Stoll ProfLine front loaders here.

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All Loaded up and on her way home. We had a great time at the Ripon Farm Services Show with many reminiscing stories and plenty of compliments about our 6800 and attachments. It makes all of those long hours from the team restoring her worthwhile.  

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We had a great time at the Ripon Farm Services Show, with many reminiscing stories and plenty of compliments about our 6800 and attachments. The main question is, where to go next for the 6800?