Zuidberg quality stands the test of time

Zuidberg quality stands the test of time

Adding a front linkage to any tractor is a quick and cost-effective way of increasing its flexibility and productivity. These days a front linkage can be specified as an option on the vast majority of new tractor orders, whilst it is also a relatively simple task to have a suitable new front linkage fitted to virtually any make or model of pre-owned tractor that has already seen a number of years’ service. However, finding a front linkage to fit a much older classic tractor may not be quite as straightforward.

When, back in 2019, freelance machinery journalist, Geoff Ashcroft, set about freshening up a recently acquired and much-loved 1988 Ford TW-25 Force II (pictured above), there was much to do. But thankfully the long list of jobs required to get the battle-worn Ford back on its feet did not extend to repairing or replacing the 3.5 tonne capacity, single-acting Zuidberg front linkage originally supplied by Lynx Engineering, which, after thousands of hours in the field, was still fully operational and in good condition. Testimony indeed to the outstanding quality of design, construction and materials that has long been and continues to be associated with the Zuidberg brand.

The Zuidberg front linkage at the time of production had a welded base frame construction. To prevent twist being transmitted into the base frame the folding arms were designed with a three position, fixed, float and transport feature. The float position for each arm being used when operating soil engaging front mounted equipment.

Today, Zuidberg front linkages have a cast base frame which offers even greater strength and durability. In addition, all lift cylinders feature a hardened chrome-plated piston rod and industrial spherical, greasable and replaceable bearings are used on both ends of the cylinder, guaranteeing a long life without play. Furthermore, each Zuidberg front linkage is designed for optimum alignment with the shape of the make and model of tractor to which it is to be fitted. The compact and integrated linkage profile ensures there is no compromise in the tractor’s steering angle and full ground clearance is maintained. All good reasons for choosing Zuidberg – whatever the make or model of tractor, new or second hand.

Checking if there’s a Zuidberg front linkage readily available for your specific tractor is quick and easy using our configurator. If you need a front linkage for something nearer to the age and heritage of the classic owned by Geoff and you don’t see it listed in the configurator, contact us anyway – we may still be able to help!

In the meantime, if you want to learn more about Zuidberg front linkages, go here. Or if you’d like to know in more detail how Geoff went about giving his Ford TW-25 a new lease of life, you can read the full story here.

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All Loaded up and on her way home. We had a great time at the Ripon Farm Services Show with many reminiscing stories and plenty of compliments about our 6800 and attachments. It makes all of those long hours from the team restoring her worthwhile.  

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We had a great time at the Ripon Farm Services Show, with many reminiscing stories and plenty of compliments about our 6800 and attachments. The main question is, where to go next for the 6800?